Muffin is a delicious meme token
As well as a protocol that allows you to get high and stable profitability on Binance Smart Chain.
Token Ticker: MFN
Contract Address:
Get your 100,000 MFN in 2 simple steps
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Получи свои 100 000 MFN выполнив
2 простых действия
We are holding a draw among our visitors
Results of the drawing on August 1
Total emission:
1 000 000 tokens
Token Ticker: MFN
1 000 000 токенов - will become the platform for the fastest and cheap cross-chain transfers in the world.
Token allocation:
100,000 tokens
Liquidity pools
500,000 tokens
Advertising campaign
200,000 tokens
100,000 tokens
100,000 tokens
Quick Buying Guide:
In the future, it will be possible to buy, sell and send MFN tokens using the MUFFIN internal DEX site; for now, follow the instructions below:
1. Create a MetaMask wallet
Create a MetaMask wallet using a desktop computer or iOS / Android mobile device. This will allow you to buy, sell, send and receive MFNs.
2. Send BNB or BUSD to your wallet
Transfer BNB or BUSD to your MetaMask wallet from exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, etc.
3. Connect your wallet to PancakeSwap
Access your wallet in PancakeSwap by clicking Connect and selecting MetaMask.
4. Exchange BNB or BUSD for MFN
You can effect the exchange as soon as you have BNB or BUSD on your balance! Click "Select token" and enter the token ticker or find it in the list of tokens.
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